Office Administrator and Project Coordinator Oviedo 2106540

Oviedo, FL


  • Represent CertaPro Painters to all suppliers, customers, applicants, employees, etc. so as to differentiate ourselves from our competition and to further enhance our ‘Brand of Certainty’.
  • Service all prospective customers and customers with the objective of meeting/exceeding their painting needs and building customers for life.
  • Service all employees with the objective of meeting/exceeding their needs and building an employee for life.
  • Ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely and professional manner.
  • Develop a close working relationship with the General Manager (GM), Sales Associate(s) and the Production Associate(s) to ensure that all expectations set with the employees and customers are met.
  • Live the Values of CertaPro Painters:

Deliver What You Promise

Respect the Individual

Have Pride in What You Do

Practice Continuous Improvement

  • Fulfill the obligations of the essential functions; Marketing, Sales, Production, Financial, Administrative, Human Resource and Personal Development as outlined below.



Tight Areas:

  • Follow up with customers to ensure they complete an online review for our services.
  • Maintain franchise website to be compliant with CertaPro Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  • Ensure all Marketing Tactics are executed as per the Company’s Annual Marketing Plan.
  • Ensure all customer mailing lists are up to date.  
  • Organize and attend trade shows (quarterly).

Loose Areas:

  • Perform commercial telemarketing.
  • Attend trade shows as required.
  • Order DM with direction from Franchisee or General Manager.


Tight Areas:

  • Create sales packages.
  • Enter leads into Certa Notes.
  • Update customer reference lists on a regular basis.
  • Maintain inventory and update all point of sale material.

Loose Areas:

  • Schedule estimates for the Sales Associate(s).  
  • Send estimate follow up letters to customers with Sales Associate’s direction.
  • Print directions to estimates for Sales Associate(s).


Tight Areas:

  • Collect and track actual hours worked on job sites daily.
  • Update Production Scheduler in Certa Notes.
  • Create employee MIS (productivity and referral rating) and distribute.
  • Create Job Jackets and hand off to Production Associate by Wednesday for following week's production.

Loose Areas:

  • Update “white board” with Production Associate’s direction.
  • Keep track of warehouse inventory and equipment.  
  • Order paint and materials with Production Associate’s direction.  


Tight Areas:

  • Enter Annual Financial Plan (AFP) into QuickBooks
  • Keep QuickBooks up to date and accurate.  To include: recording deposits, journal entries, etc.
  • Issue Purchase Orders (PO’s).
  • Cost all completed jobs (from the previous week) in Certa Notes by Tuesday.
  • Pay all bills.
  • Invoice customers.
  • Prepare reports.  To include: Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Statement of Cash, etc.
  • Maintain the petty cash fund.
  • Reconcile paint and material supplier invoices.
  • Manage the office supply budget.
  • Reconcile expense reports submitted by Line Staff and Job Site Staff.

Loose Areas:

  • Make all deposits.
  • Prepare monthly trend for General Manager


Tight Areas:

  • Replicate Certa Notes daily.
  • Update and keep Certa Notes accurate daily.  To include but not limited to: changing the job status, updating customer contact information, etc.  
  • Reconcile Certa Notes to completed job jackets.   All hand written notes and change forms are to be entered into Certa Notes.
  • File job jacket when job is complete.
  • Process payroll by Tuesday.
  • Maintain all files.  
  • Process all incoming and outgoing mail.
  • Maintain professional presentation of the office.
  • Order supplies for the office and others as required.
  • Maintain vendor relations and files as required.  To include: insurance, phone companies, subcontractors, etc.
  • Manage facilities.
  • Enter data as required.
  • Answer the phones and coordinate messages and tasks.
  • Prepare weekly analysis of results in preparation for Goal Setting and Review (GS&R) with supervisor.
  • Create and maintain any reports requested by direct supervisor.
  • Organizes company functions.


Tight Areas:

  • Maintain employee/subcontractor applications.  
  • Obtain all background checks as required.  
  • Make sure all employee files (paper and electronic) are up to date and accurate.  
  • Manage paperwork for employee termination.
  • Track and improve Job-Site Supervisor productivity metrics.
  • Plan and schedule efficient projects with respect to customer needs and crew strengths.   


Tight Areas:

  • Certified in the operation of QuickBooks.
  • Certified in the operation of CertaNotes.
  • Participation leading to certification in the Franchise Company’s Leadership Development Program.  Specifically: Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving, Coaching, Priority Management and Goal Set and Review.
  • Participation in Regional or National On-Going Training Conferences/ Meetings.
  • Participation in other personal development sessions as required.
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